It was a dour, wet, gray and thoroughly miserable rush-hour in a packed city train station. The platform was packed with annoyed and damp commuters. The train was late. And more commuters were flooding in from the rain outside.

The train finally arrived, just in time to avoid a damp riot. The doors creaked open. The crowd jostled forward expectantly; those in front wary of those behind trying to push in. We piled in, ready to fight for the remaining seats ... and stopped dead in our tracks.

The entire carriage floor was covered in brightly coloured M&Ms! They had been crushed underfoot, and consequently the whole carriage smelt of chocolate. The passengers already in the carriage were all smiling. And as I looked around, those who just boarded were smiling also.

What an amazing change, from something so simple. And probably so accidental. I wonder if the person who lost their bag of M&Ms realised the simple joy they brought to a carriageful of strangers. Small things do make a huge difference.