goodbusiness.jpgGood Business: Leadership, flow and the making of meaning. By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. ISBN 0-340-73973-9.

Ever picked up a book you could not put down? One that spoke so startlingly clearly to you on every level that you wonder if the author’s been listening in on your thoughts without your knowledge? Such was this book to me.

This book really helped me clarify and consolidate my thoughts on the nature and future of work, business, and their relationships with people and happiness. It talks succinctly about soul and authenticity. And the real and achievable possibilities of creating work that has meaning, and that which enables flow and happiness.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a leader or an employee – read this book if you have ever had a passing curiosity about what work could be, how it is a part of life that is rewarding and rich, and how to start getting there yourself and lead your organisation there.

As Tom Peters’ Reimagine was to me the cornerstone of the concepts behind Vermillion (a business I co-founded 3 years ago), this book is without a doubt the foundation to the development of complexity and flow in eicolab’s practice.

Thank you Mihaly for sharing your brain and heart so wondrously.

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Good Business: Leadership, Flow, and the Making of Meaning