An egg is a versatile thing indeed. It can be used in an amazing variety of ways. Similarly, you too have egg-like versatile skills if you look deep enough.

We often lump our skills with our jobs or training – accountant, ballet teacher, homemaker.

Dig deeper and a ballet teacher's skill set can encompass counselling, physiotherapy, personal training, nutrition advisor, organising people and venues, and bookkeeping. By recombining these skills in different ways, a ballet teacher can discover hitherto unforseen vocational opportunities.

Similarly, you can do the same with your business. Think your own skills, even the ones not related to your immediate offerings. What about your people? Your friends?

An accounting firm may well have the skills to offer legal advice, compliance and risk assessment services, and indeed many firms do just that. Given other skills, I can also see an accounting firm that does statistical analysis for hospitals; or one that offers specialised after-school courses for math whiz-kids.

A greengrocers may well have the skills to offer nutritional advice and run healthy eating workshops. How about a greengrocers that also stocks organic pet food and runs pet nutrition classes?

Are you fully expressing your business’ egg-like versatility?

(Incidentally, the “ei” in “eicolab” and “eidesign” is egg in German.)