Multifaceted problems require multi-pronged approaches.


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Design Counselling IT Business

Industry sectors I have worked in:

Banking, consulting, data brokering, data exchange, education, environmental, events, finance, agriculture, galleries, government, healthcare, hotel accommodation, information technology, museums, news, non-profit, performing arts, pharmaceuticals, primary industry, professional services, research and development, risk management, small business, solo-business, sports, high technology, travel, visual arts.

Design Thinking + Counselling + Business

Design Thinking: methodical way to generate ideas and evaluate possibilities.
Counselling case conceptualisation: encapsulate contextual and psychological aspects.
Strengths-based approach: realistic and actionable solutions.
Hybrid of counselling and Design Thinking techniques applied to strategic, systemic, and procedural (ie non-visual) problems.
For a more holistic, context-aware, human-centric, and creative approach to problem-solving.

Design + IT + business

Seamlessly switch between business, IT, and design perspectives; see from all three sides.
Balance business, technology, and design imperatives to prioritise actions; bridge communications between these three sides.
Bring usability focus to technical development projects; add just-enough design even for back-office systems.
Bring business awareness to design and IT projects; implement pragmatic solutions without destructive bean-counting.
Use appropriate technology in design and business process projects.

Psychology + Design

Design to embrace the messiness of humanity: shortcuts, comfort, avoidance, limited attention-span…
Incorporate psychological safety and trust.
360-degree context-sensitivity: physical and psychological factors.
Case conceptualisation techniques in requirements gathering.
Facilitate collaborative design.

Psychology + IT + Business

Psychological safety and trust in user experience design.
Balance automation with oversight and sense of control.
Counselling techniques in engaging with diverse stakeholders.
Remain effective in crisis situations and when dealing with difficult personalities.