Trackrecord in User Experience


Enabled effective progress on two enterprise-wide information management and HR applications.

Consolidated prior thinking and knowledge within a set of clear and user-validated wireframes, which made tangible the complex concepts and requirements.

Reviewed background, conducted UX discovery interviews, facilitated co-design charrettes, designed wireframe and interaction processes, and validated designs with users.


Engaged key corporate customers at sales events with a product-relevant immersive game.

Managed and guided the creation of a Ubiq touchscreen game/sales presentation.

Translated technical content into marketing concepts suitable for a game, worked with designers to create the game, managed the production team to build the game.

Nanyang University

Enabled the on-going easy creation of quality enterprise applications that provide a better and more consistent user experience.

Shared practical and immediately applicable UX/UI principles with developers, and provided a set of reusable and adaptable screen templates, with supporting (short) documentation.

Conducted workshops and co-design sessions with developers, worked with designers to create templates.


Enticed more respondents to an online survey through the user of “geek humour” comic strips.

Delivered the completed application.

Developed the UX, drafted the comic strip stories (based on the survey questions), and worked with an artist, designers and developers to produce the final product.


Enhanced the experience and brand presence of a silent auction system for high-net-worth individuals at IBM-sponsored black-tie charity events.

Delivered touch UX, rich visuals, and brand visibility upgrades to an existing Lotus Domino application.

Participated in multiple silent auction events to understand requirements first-hand, created new event signage, designed and built a new touchscreen interface to the database, and updated the visual display graphics.


Helped a social media start-up kick-off the development of their flagship mobile app on a solid UX/UI foundation.

Consolidated the project’s aims, concepts and requirements into a set of annotated wireframes, including associated user journey flowcharts.

Facilitate ideation workshops with stakeholders, designed the UX/UI, documented the design as wireframes, and mapped the key user journeys.


Clarified the roll-out strategy, service offering architecture, and the UX/UI of a series of online learning applications.

Consultation with business stakeholders, product experts and developers.

Documented discussions with drawings and wireframes. Worked with designers to create the UI visual elements.


Enabled good usability on a mobile sales force support/business process application.

Delivered a design for the application as a set of annotated wireframes with recommendations for the developers.

Consulted with stakeholders, conducted user requirements analysis, designed, visualised and prototyped UI concepts.

Merck Sharp & Dohme

Laid a solid foundation to enable rapid design evolution, feasibility analysis and internal evangelism of a business process application.

Created an interactive prototype of the web application.

Conducted requirements analysis, consulted with subject matter experts, designed the application, and developed the prototype.


Expedited the development process and improved the usability of a patient data exchange portal that is currently in use Australia-wide.

Created an interactive prototype that simulated how different users (institutions, insurers, clinicians, and government employees) could use the system.

Conducted user requirements analysis, consulted with subject matter experts on technical, process and privacy matters, designed and developed the prototype.

Opera Australia

Helped Opera Australia embrace web technology and self-reliance in their online marketing and content publishing efforts.
Delivered an updated award-winning (Netguide) website design with a content management system tailored to specific needs and processes. Provided one-on-one training and guidance to embed the system in the organisation.

Reviewed what had gone before, discovered updated needs, defined a new way forward, designed the website, and implemented the content management system.


Improved the UX of an enterprise SaaS application by reducing clicks, enabling preview and batch manipulation, and adjusting the layouts to accommodate dense information.

Delivered the design as a set of wireframes, design illustrations and recommendations to developers.

Consulted with stakeholders, designed the UX/UI, designed screen layouts and information presentation.

Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

Helped create and deliver the nation-wide official touchscreen system for the Sydney Games ahead of schedule. The system successfully fulfilled multilingual, multi-branding and modular information architecture and UI requirements. Now displayed in the Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Delivered designs, working drafts and prototypes to facilitate agreement, final design files for developers, and prepared content for delivery.

Conducted requirements analysis, designed the UX/UI and visuals, worked closely with the developers to push the underlying multimedia capabilities, consulted on content publishing workflow, branding, signage and product design.


Increased participation rate of a climate change campaign website by enhancing the user interface.

Devised UI improvements that required minimal development time and communicated these as flowcharts and wireframes.

Reviewed the existing web application, requirements, and project aims. Identified and recommended improvements.


Contributed to the development of a next-generation conceptual remote banking service in Seoul, Korea. Helped make the concept tangible to enable in-dept evaluation and decision making.

Provided wireframes and a prototype.

Met with subject matter experts in Seoul. Designed the UI.


Enriched the user experience of an internal price list database.

Created UI graphics. Worked with developers.


Enabled the UX development and eased the content production of Australia’s first CD-ROM magazine.

Participated in the conceptual design of the UI. Managed the content creation cycle which involved over 60 artists and writers.