I offer a facilitated, collaborative, and integrative problem-solving service.


I help professionals unravel and work through one complex challenge at a time.

We do this in face-to-face meetings to explore, analyse, and devise actions.

Our work can be:

  • Responsive: A problem has arisen and we need to respond to it.
  • Preemptive: A change (new product, project, or job) is coming and we need to prepare for it and any likely challenges that may come with it.

See illustrative cases here.

I provide a professionally-detached external perspective, guided analysis, and exploration of constructive actions.

Our work is:

  • Integrative. We work with your whole person in your context.
  • Outcome-focused. We define success that is relevant to you.
  • Insight-driven. We discover insights that then become bases for action.
  • Action-oriented. We enable actions to drive transformations.
  • Reality-grounded. We work with real-world constraints and opportunities.