Innovation Is…

  1. Business – Creation and exchange of real value. Meaningful work. Work to enable and enrich whole lives. Grassroots agility. Authenticity. Alignment with values.
  2. Design – Imagination. Curiosity. Understanding. Elucidation.
    Creation. Using design thinking as a critical and rigorous business problem-solving tool. Create possibilities.
  3. Reality – Embracing and leveraging real-world constraints.
    Usable and appropriate business outcomes. Dream, then make very real!
  4. Community – Making a difference. The spirit of abundance.
    Sharing and giving as a fundamentally rich, rewarding and creative experience.
  5. Collaboration – Connection with others. Wide-ranging dialogue and story-telling. Partnering on diverse, worthwhile and fun projects. Togetherness.
  6. Truth – Working and living truthfully to who you are. Bringing your whole self to your work. Talking your talk and walking your walk.
  7. People – Respect, openness and kindness. Engage with others’ passions and dreams. Enable others. Positive, empowering, respectful outcomes.

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