Design Thinking

Creative Problem-Solving Framework

“Complacency with our traditional judgement based thinking methods is not enough. Our existing thinking habits are excellent just as the rear wheel of a motor car is excellent but not enough. We need to put far more emphasis on creative and design thinking. Judgement and analysis are not enough.” — Edward de Bono.

Design Thinking provides a structured process to approach problems systemically, creatively and rationally. My version of this approach is summarised by the diagram below.


Key characteristics of this framework:

  • User-centred: works from a strong foundation of understanding the people, the context and the problem.
  • Solution-based: focuses on generating a solution in the future, one that is based on a clear and shared understanding of the problem.
  • Strengths-based: works with the client’s strengths and abilities in determining what is “best.”
  • Left- and right-brain balanced: combines both blue-sky creative play and rational decision-making/analysis.

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