Naming Approaches & Characteristics


Here is a collection of potential approaches when coming up with a name for a business, service or product, in no particular order.

  • Compound words.
  • Compound partial words.
  • Combine words with numbers, numerals and symbols.
  • Combine syllables from different words.
  • Make up a word.
  • Spell a real word in a unique way.
  • Concatenate a real word or compound words.
  • Borrow words from other languages.


And here are some characteristics you may want to aim for.

  • Descriptive of your unique approach or value proposition.
  • Descriptive of some physical aspect of your offering.
  • Aspirational.
  • Emotive/emotionally suggestive.
  • Active – action words and verbs.
  • Instructive/command.
  • Onomatopoeic – a sound.
  • Tautological – repeat for emphasis.
  • An empty/neutral word.

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