An approachable, adaptable, & experienced strategic design consultant.

Enable clarity, insights, and direction in enterprise software user experience, business excellence and technical communication projects.

20 years experience across IT, business and multidisciplinary design; Australia-wide and internationally.

Diverse clients: AMP, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Citibank Seoul, Commonwealth Department of Finance & Administration, Fender Australia, IBM Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Merck, Microsoft Singapore, National Gallery of Australia, Opera Australia, SingTel, Singapore Formula 1, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and Woodside.

People matter above all. Service-oriented, ego-free, and pragmatic. Design and technology are tools for the benefit of the business; they are never ends in themselves.

Cross-disciplinary: Industrial Design, Business Operations Management, Adult Training, Crisis Support.


Zern Liew
June 2014

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“Zern is an all around designer, not just of things, ideas, and concepts, but of a life of invention itself. His participation in my projects made the impossible, possible. … Zern has contributed uniquely inventive ideas and insights, organizing principles, sage criticism, and powerful solutions, all with an optimistic “can-do” attitude that makes him a perfect partner and team player.”

Robert Jacobson PhD

Bluefire Innovation Management & Experience Design, Tucson, Arizona