Problem solving is a process. Design is a process.
Alternating divergent and convergent thinking; between blue-sky possibilities and critical analysis/decision making.

Hello!1 > Discover2 > Ideate3 > Design4 > Prototype5 > Implement6 > Review7

1 Hello!

A confidential first meeting of minds.
Determine compatibility.
Get a broad understanding of the current situation.
Say hello!

2 Discover

Unpack and understand the situation.
Define the problem.
Meet stakeholders, users and subject-matter-experts.
Identify desires.
Distil patterns and insights to aid understanding.
Identify critical requirements and elements.

3 Ideate

Facilitate idea generation.
Imagine possibilities.
Identify strengths and advantages.
Conduct co-design charrettes.
Uncover possibilities and options.
Shortlist ideas to pursue further.

4 Design

Flesh-out and develop a shortlisted idea.
Create drafts for quick testing and evaluation.
Create wireframes to document and communicate designs.
Create flowcharts to document and communicate processes.
Conduct user design evaluations.
Set out the steps towards implementation.

5 Prototype

Mockup solutions in more detail to validate design.
Elicit user responses to prototypes.
Finetune prototypes to incorporate user feedback.
Make recommendations for further improvement.
Lay the groundwork for implementation.

6 Implement

Create and deliver ready-to-use material.
Set up frameworks for others to complete.
Guide implementation work by other providers.

7 Review

Assess progress at a given point in time.
Identify opportunities for improvement.
Identify situational and requirement changes.
Connect with users/stakeholders to see how well their needs have been met.

You can mix and match process components to suit your situation and needs. Here are some examples:


Hello! Review

We need a fresh set of eyes to review/assess what we have done so far, and/or help us clarify and understand our challenge.

Idea Generation

Hello! Review Discover Ideate Review

We need someone to help us understand our challenge, and guide us to come up with new and potentially viable solutions.

Strategic Design

Hello! Review Discover Ideate Design Review

We need someone to create a high-level solution design to meet our challenge. We will then validate, finetune and implement the design internally.

Design and Prototype

Hello! Review Discover Ideate Design Prototype Review

We need someone to create a high-level solution design, and validate this design with the target audience/users. We will then implement the design internally.


Hello! Review Discover Ideate Design Prototype Implement Review

We need someone to deliver an end-to-end solution in response to our challenge; where the final deliverables are immediately usable.

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