Multifaceted Interests

Understanding Complexity Humanity Ingenuity Efficiency Efficacy

I am interested in:

  • Understanding people, systems, interactions.
  • Transforming chaos and complexity.
  • Designing to embrace the messiness of humanity.
  • Fostering and leveraging the innate creativity of people.
  • Enabling efficacy and resilience of individuals and teams.

I like models for understanding and working with:

  • People and emotions
  • Systems and relationships
  • Analysing situations
  • Solving problems
  • Getting things done more effectively

Most recent blog post:

Too senior to be accountable

Too senior to be accountable

Organisations can become too big to fail. The ones with the right political connections that can access public funds should their flounder for any reason. Similarly, certain management executives can become too senior, too well connected, too well entrenched, to be...

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Posts about models and frameworks:

Human factors underpin everything we do

In an IDEO interview with InnoFuture Tom Kelley spoke of three factors for innovation: human factors, technology factors, and business (economic) factors. With all of these being of equal importance. And where human factors is the one area with the most opportunities...

T-shaped people and Building Information Modelling

Interesting points in this Design Intelligence article about the need for T-shaped deep generalists in architectural practice. I think these are equally applicable to any business that works on complex projects that cross multiple technical disciplines. Oh wait,...

A simple model for value-adding

We start with simple things that essentially perform one primary function… We can then combine functions to create multifunctional things… Add enrichments that take each thing to the next level of usefulness… And dovetail some human “soft” services… Imbue with...

Hire designers to design or think?

Designers often complain about never being involved in the process early enough. We get brought in at when a project is at a we-need-to-create-visuals stage, and then we start asking the big fundamental questions. Questions that have impact on the strategy, goals and...

From QMS to CES

Businesses need to move from quality management systems (QMS) to creativity enabling systems (CES). “[In a world of radical uncertainty] … Old efficiency thinking based on engineering and rational market models needs to be replaced by a creative intelligence based on...

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Posts of checklists:

Singapore cinema patrons showing symptoms of a hyper-stimulated society?

I have noticed, with great annoyance, that many cinema and theatre patrons in Singapore do two very annoying and anti-social things. They talk – incessantly. And they text on their mobiles – frequently. Is this inability to sit quietly, to appreciate a reflective deep...

Interesting tools and tips from the Ten Faces of Innovation

Here’re some tips that caught my attention while reading The Ten Faces of Innovation – Strategies for heightening creativity by Tom Ford with Jonathan Littman, ISBN978-1-84668-031-1. When fact finding, don’t ask people to generalise or stereotype a situation. They...


Outliers: The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell, ISBN 978-0-141-03624-3. Another interesting read from Malcolm Gladwell. Full of statistical patterns, facts and insights from a variety of fields from hockey to air crash investigation. It takes 10,000 hours of doing...

Five gamification techniques for business

Engagement, productivity and quality When designing an enterprise application or business process, incorporating simple gamification techniques can encourage participation, increase productivity, and improve quality. Gamification borrows engagement techniques from the...

Wonder, not decide

Wonder The first thing needed for innovation is a fascination with wonder,” says Dawna Markova, author of “The Open Mind” and an executive change consultant for Professional Thinking Partners. “But we are taught instead to ‘decide,’ just as our president calls himself...

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