Multifaceted Interests

Understanding Complexity Humanity Ingenuity Efficiency Efficacy

I am interested in:

  • Understanding people, systems, interactions.
  • Transforming chaos and complexity.
  • Designing to embrace the messiness of humanity.
  • Fostering and leveraging the innate creativity of people.
  • Enabling efficacy and resilience of individuals and teams.

I like models for understanding and working with:

  • People and emotions
  • Systems and relationships
  • Analysing situations
  • Solving problems
  • Getting things done more effectively

Most recent blog post:

03667 WedgeWave

03667 WedgeWave

An experiment in repeating a model in Photoshop. This uses way fewer bricks! I'll need to look at photography techniques to reduce the extreme perspective....

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Posts about models and frameworks:

Pattern recognition

"What differentiates serially-good-deciders from the rest of us is pattern recognition. This is the ability to see the generic and lasting patterns that underpin localized and ephemeral data, and which form the unseen framework around which lasting success is built."...

The Cycle of Abuse in the workplace

Workplace bullying is expensive! “The Report estimated that workplace bullying costs the Australian economy between $6 billion and $36 billion every year and that a workplace bullying cases costs employers an average of $17,000 to $24,000 per claim.” -- Australia:...

Resource feature: Strategy Formulation Framework

Every strategy must necessarily encompass certain key components. I have made a convenient summary here:

Mettle and metal

Any professional needs only two "things" to create value - mettle and metal. Mettle: this is the thinking, experience, expertise, and EQ wrapped up in divergent creativity and convergent analysis. Metal: the core set of tools, models or frameworks. This is the...

Four traits of collaborative leaders

According to Cisco executives Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese in their book The Collaboration Imperative: Executive Strategies for Unlocking Your Organization’s True Potential, collaborative leaders exhibit these four traits: 1. Focus on authentic leadership and eschew...

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Posts of checklists:

Recycled stories and the cyclical nature of human ideas

The season of saccharin carols and rabid consumerism looms nigh. I came upon this set of intriguing parallels between the Jesus story and that of the Egyptian god Horus. Conspiracy stories aside, perhaps it is our nature to stick to and recycle the same stories again...

Another InnoFuture event tomorrow

I spoke recently at an interesting virtual event from InnoFuture about how to build highly creative innovation teams. Check out my presentation! InnoFuture now has a new virtual event “How to get results from innovation MORE OFTEN”, on Tuesday 12 July. If you are... non-visual good design

Good design is often not about how something looks. Good design is about how well something supports what users need to accomplish. The URL shrinking service is a beautiful case in point. The way it works is just about as beautiful as you can get it. There are...

The un-designed Facebook

In many respects FB is un-designed. If I had to rate its usability, I’d give it a 6 out of 10. I regularly find many aspects of Facebook frustratingly hard to use. Important controls are hidden (the Create New Message button often disappears off the right side of the...

Six Steps To Getting Results With Innovation

My friend Margaret Manson, the aptly titled Chief Inspirator from Global Trendz Marketing, has put together an innovate virtual conference called "Six Steps To Getting Results With Innovation". The goal of the conference is to take business leaders through six steps...

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