Multifaceted Interests

Understanding Complexity Humanity Ingenuity Efficiency Efficacy

I am interested in:

  • Understanding people, systems, interactions.
  • Transforming chaos and complexity.
  • Designing to embrace the messiness of humanity.
  • Fostering and leveraging the innate creativity of people.
  • Enabling efficacy and resilience of individuals and teams.

I like models for understanding and working with:

  • People and emotions
  • Systems and relationships
  • Analysing situations
  • Solving problems
  • Getting things done more effectively

Most recent blog post:

On celebrations

On celebrations

There is probably no other universal celebration than the coming of a new year. I have been thinking about how we could celebrate the new year: as simply the inevitable passing of another 365 days, or use it as a convenient point in time to reflect on what is more...

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Posts about models and frameworks:

Knowledge transfer vs construction

Constructed knowledge is "knowledge discovered through exploration or inferred from constructs (mental models made to fit a particular frame of reference) by examining and questioning the available information. In comparison, directed knowledge is 'ready made'...

Design + applied psychology: A hybrid problem solving process

This is a work-in-progress hybrid process that combines three problem-solving processes I use regularly; Design Thinking, Crisis Support and Suicide First Aid: The design process strengths: creative exploration, collaboration, co-design buy-in, problem definition,...

Helping people build loyalty

Helping people usually involves helping them solve problems they are facing. AKA relieving their pain. A study in the Harvard Business Review shows that companies build customer loyalty through quickly solving problems, not by extraordinary acts of service. Via 5 Ways...

Dell Venue 8 Pro opportunity missed

Image via Dell. After several months of struggling through growing disappointments with a brand new Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet, I finally returned it (with some relief) after it yet again refused to wake/start up. Good bloody riddance. The purchase started promising...

Lifeline skills in consulting – Part III

Understand context, gather information, and analysis skills Lifeline crisis support skill Applied to consulting Meeting each client at where they are now; not where they were, or should be. Generally asking men "What do you think of..." and women "How do you feel...

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Posts of checklists:

Projects are like mahjong

Working through the stages of a project is like working through a shanghai mahjong (shanghai solitaire) formation. A new formation can be initially overwhelming when we first encounter its complexity. Just like a new project. There are so many factors both explicitly...

Black and white thinking

Black and white thinking is a common thinking pattern we all get caught up in now and then. Black and white thinking happens when our brains quickly polarise a situation, often unconsciously, to a simple black or white, good or bad. It is a survival mechanism we have...

Faulty thinking

Recently, someone I know had a dispute with their neighbour over the common fence that separates their properties. The fence blew down in a storm. Because of faulty thinking, what should have been a clear-cut situation degenerated into a cold war. Faulty thinking can...

Work is serial monogamy

“All white-collar work is project work. The single salient fact that touches all of our lives is that work is being reinvented.” -- Tom Peters Thinking of work as a series of projects is like serial monogamy: a string of sequential commitments to different projects;...

Fear-based workplace

This Businessweek article - Ten Signs of a Fear-Based Workplace was written near the start of the global financial crisis. The points are nonetheless still very relevant today. Some, like points 3 and 4, have long been unquestioningly accepted “rules” of business even...

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