Multifaceted Interests

Understanding Complexity Humanity Ingenuity Efficiency Efficacy

I am interested in:

  • Understanding people, systems, interactions.
  • Transforming chaos and complexity.
  • Designing to embrace the messiness of humanity.
  • Fostering and leveraging the innate creativity of people.
  • Enabling efficacy and resilience of individuals and teams.

I like models for understanding and working with:

  • People and emotions
  • Systems and relationships
  • Analysing situations
  • Solving problems
  • Getting things done more effectively

Most recent blog post:

What we pay attention to

What we pay attention to

I posted this aphorism on my Facebook feed a while ago which sparked a discussion with a friend. The following is a summary of the clarity that resulted from that discussion. Thanks Douglas! The thoughts and feelings we pay attention to are the thought and feelings we...

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Posts about models and frameworks:

Renewable energy incompatible with economics

I just realised what the fundamental problem with renewable energy is: it is free and there is a limitless supply of it. Our current economic model is based on profits from scarcity. If no one can make (big) renewable bucks from renewable energy, no business-as-usual...

Consultant, coach, and counsellor

I have been increasingly uncomfortable with the word “consulting” lately… I wonder what the alternatives are? Consultant: “I am the expert. I will tell you the right answers. I will implement for you the right solutions. You hand me the responsibility to fix it.”...

Differentiation is in how you act

I came across this exemplar of a business that stood out because its services are actually designed for the convenience of customers. sells memory upgrades for all sorts of computers - from ancient ones that ought to be replaced, to the latest and...

Knowledge workers in the factories

Company structures may well still be based on the factory model. But the cogs of the machine, the workers, are no longer the illiterate and externally-motivated unwashed. In fact, most knowledge workers these days do wash! It is no longer sufficient to blindly follow...

Share your secrets and empower users

Sharing information openly with customers empowers them to engage with your product or service in a more intimate way. It gives them more options such as self-service. It helps them understand your product and service. Consider this: the more secrets you keep, the...

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