Multifaceted Interests

Understanding Complexity Humanity Ingenuity Efficiency Efficacy

I am interested in:

  • Understanding people, systems, interactions.
  • Transforming chaos and complexity.
  • Designing to embrace the messiness of humanity.
  • Fostering and leveraging the innate creativity of people.
  • Enabling efficacy and resilience of individuals and teams.

I like models for understanding and working with:

  • People and emotions
  • Systems and relationships
  • Analysing situations
  • Solving problems
  • Getting things done more effectively

Most recent blog post:

The context gap in UX design

The context gap in UX design

A friend’s recent woes when changing from an ADSL to fibre internet connection with the same ISP highlighted this classic UX design fail: the context gap between the service provider and the service consumer. And also the siloing gaps between related processes within...

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Posts about models and frameworks:

Digital media opportunities – Part 2: Latent foundational technologies

Technology is abundant and prevalent at least in the industrialised world. A lot of the available power lay hidden in corporate server farms. Corporate licensing schemes have deployed much powerful framework/foundational technologies inside corporations like Microsoft...

Rethinking innovation – Part 7: Long-term thinking and imagination

Skip to the starting post of this 12 part series. "Think long-term" and "imagine what you can make happen." (From this list.) I believe one key reason most businesses shy away innovation is the lack of a direct relationship to the immediate bottom line. Innovation is...

Commission-based remuneration kills creativity

This is a follow-on thought from my post on Daniel Pink's TED talk. Research has shown that the Carrots & Sticks approach to motivating people actually destroys their creativity. What does this say about jobs where the issue of money, of being paid a decent salary, is...

The iPad is boring

Actually no. I am not that excited by the iPad. Not as a thing, a fashion accessory or the fad. Technically it has little interest - like an iPhone but bigger and no phone. It's quite thin, and beautifully executed as a piece of industrial design (barring concerns...

The Internet: creativity, connectedness, & generosity

This is a quick snip snip of the choicest bits, the bits that stood out for me as I was reading this article, “Nice and nasty does it: Shirky the 'net guru' on what the future holds” by Decca Aitkenhead in the Sydney Morning Herald: "And to put it in one bleak...

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