Give as much as you take

Give as much as you take. (If in doubt, give a little more.) Balancing our needs and their needs, in a fair and reasonable way, is important for…

Happy holidays 2015

Combining design thinking and applied psychology

I use three different problem-solving processes:┬áDesign Thinking, Crisis Support and Suicide First Aid. I see a great deal of similarities between them. There is a possibility to combine…

Hello Europe

I’ll be in Europe next week! I am taking stock of the first 20 years of my work life, reviewing each of my experience and skills critically. It…

See you in 2015

In a couple of weeks, 2014 will be the past. Whether 2014 was good, bad or indifferent there is nothing more we can do about it. ­čÖé How…

Resource: What is strategic design

Strategic design is the initial exploration, understanding and planning part. Executional design then follows to implement the final solutions. … Strategic designers are the meta-design people you hire…


Happy holidays 2013

Thanks for all your support and kindnesses this year. Below is a great motivational video to end with (thanks Tracey!) Have a great end of 2013 AND a…

Resource feature: Strategy Formulation Framework

Every strategy must necessarily encompass certain key components. I have made a convenient summary here:

Resource feature: Three Elements of UX Use Context

There are three aspects we need to consider when reviewing a use context. Read about them here:

New resource: UI, UX, IA and Gamification in Context

Read it here:

New resource: a problem solving checklist

See A problem solving checklist in the Resources section of this site.

New resource: Five Gamification Techniques

Read it here:

Happy holidays 2012

The world ends tomorrow – 21 Dec 2012 – apparently. In any case, have a great and safe holiday season. And thanks for all your support throughout 2012….

New resource: EQ Primer

Head over to the Resources section: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Primer

New resource: Comparing Agile, PRINCE2 & PMBOK

A single page summary of three project management methodologies.

New resource: Audiences with Different Levels of Knowledge

Adapting your communications to different audiences? How much fact should you present? How much tempering do you need to do to the material? And how much (and what…

New resource: Strategy, Plan and Process

Strategy, Plan and Process are sometimes used interchangeably. But they mean different things, have different intents, and involve different tasks and activities. Find out more in my one-page…

New resource: Agility

The Agile Methodology is typically associated with accelerated software development. The core principles of Agile can be effectively applied to general project work. See my new resource: Agile,…

Rolling professional development and community work into one

Giving a part of my annual productive hours to worthwhile community causes has been a part of my work practice since about 2005. After an almost three year…

Petition for an ethical iphone 5

If you gave a damn about how ethically the next iphone will be made, add your voice to this petition. Via Update: Related article on the Guardian:…

What should I do with my blog in 2012?

I have been mulling over how to evolve my blogging over the past few months. It has been about six years now (1,360 posts conservatively estimated to be…

Happy New 2012

Here’s to potential, possibilities, and new horizons. Happy new year everyone! And thanks for being here in 2011.

Happy holidays!

I was going to write something terribly deep, profound and meaningful. But you can watch this instead.

Buy my t-shirts and art on RedBubble!

Another absolutely shameless plug for my t-shirts and wall art on Perfect as holiday gifts for the geeky and the slightly eccentric! More of my vector clip…


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