Move forward consciously

I have worked for the same employer since graduation. I like my job and my team.

Recent management changes will render my role redundant. I have been asked to apply for a similar role in another division. This will be a promotion. I am likely, but not guaranteed, to get it.

The opportunity to start my own business has also arisen. I have never thought about working for myself. I’m not sure what new skills I’ll need. But it is piquing my interesting.

I have also started thinking about looking for work overseas. Some of the jobs look interesting.

The changes ahead scares me. Which is the right path? Where do I want to end up?


Work has a greater bearing on our identity and sense of purpose than we realise.

Change is an opportunity. With positives as well as negatives. We need to look at the possibilities as well as the risks.

We have finite time and energy. We need to choose where to invest them.

Work can be more consciously directed. We don’t have to do what we “should.”

Sometimes, logic is not useful. We may need to look at other sources of insight such as our gut feel and our “spiritual” selves.

All options being equal, it is OK to choose from the gut. It is OK to sit with uncertainty until a decision appears. And it is also OK to change our mind later.


After taking some time to just let thoughts percolate to the surface, the client chose to start their own business.

They identified and put in place the support (financial, social, personal) they needed for the period of uncertainty ahead.