Leverage existing strength

I work as a healthcare professional. I am facing some difficult clients at work. This happens from time to time. It is stressful and I was coping with it.

Then my partner was diagnosed with a mental health problem. This weighs on my mind. I am completely floored by this and am not sure what to do. This is unusual for me as I consider myself a logical and calm person who is able to figure stuff out.

I can’t stop thinking of all the awful things that could happen at work and at home. And when I do I cannot figure a way out of any of it. I just get more stressed out.


We often have problem-solving skills we can apply to current challenges. But we may not realise this in times of stress.

When we are caught up in the emotions of the moment, it can be hard to see a way forward and apply the strengths we have.


The client’s distress was relieved through dialogue. We discovered they had successfully applied a problem-solving approach to prior challenges. Their approach was to divide things into two lists. “What can I change?” And “what do I need to accept?”

We collaboratively applied this approach to their current challenge. We came up with several clearly-defined actions they felt able to take.