Juggle work, life, and meaning

I am great at what I do, but my job is killing me. I work long hours with clients who can be petty and prone to fits of drama over insignificant things. It is a cultural thing that I cannot change.

I like the people I work for. The work is just challenging enough to be enjoyable. The pay is excellent. And I get overseas travel to boot.

Lately I’ve been fantasising about just leaving it all behind. Why am I working so hard for anyway? I realised I don’t really have a life outside of work.

Sometimes, I feel like I have missed the boat; but a boat to where? If I leave this job I think I will be able to breathe again. But I may not find another job like this again, and that scares me.

I also think what I have done to date is pointless. How have I made a difference? Will this all matter in the end?


There are systemic cultural factors that we simply cannot change.

Our choices can be influenced by the introjected opinions of the people and other cultural systems around us.

Work-life balance is not a fixed end-state we can achieve once and never think about again. It is a dynamic interplay between time spent working and time spent living. Sometimes we work harder, other times we play harder.

There are no guarantees in life.

Our fears are usually not as terrible as they feel. Especially if we keep those fears bottled up.

We don’t need to see where we are going to keep going. It is important that we keep going.


The client implemented a two-year plan to gradually ease themselves from their job.

They set aside trying to envisage any long-term goals for the moment.

They went travelling and took on volunteer work as ways to explore a variety of life experiences. They set a near-term goal to learn to enjoy moments of here and now which did not have to involve working.