Random (and hopefully useful) thoughts at the intersection of Design, IT, Psychology, and Business.

Just like dating

Building genuine connections with customers is just like trying to impress a date. You've got to BE yourself! If your business says one thing and does another, is it any surprise customers take a cynical attitude to your messages?

Directorial distractions

One of the most time consuming activities of directors and managers is administrivia - all the paperwork, record keeping, compliance monitoring, and so on. Now we all know that these are merely the necessary means, and not the ultimate goal of any business. But… I...

Fostering creativity

Richard Florida in a recent article in AFR BOSS magazine (thanks Will!) on Creativity as a key factor in the new way of economic growth, and how to facilitate the rise of the Creative Class: "creativity resides in everyone everywhere, so building a community of ideas...

And the answer is: creativity!

In a speech broadcasted on the ABC (19/1), Dr Edward De Bono told a good story about chefs in a competition (paraphrased here): If all the chefs have the same raw materials, level of competency and experience, what would set the winner apart? The answer is obviously...

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