BREGUET Selfridges

It was amusing and slightly disorienting to discover a $187,735.00 (AUD) watch on an online store that looked not much different from any other departmental chain store’s online presence.

There is one (too small) image of the merchandise. Some blurb. Some “you may also like…” items, a “recently viewed” list, and a pile of gumpf settled at the bottom. And they even have a Quantities field too!

BREGUET Selfridges vs Target

Yes, I get that web design is all template-driven now. But that is no excuse when it comes to hyper-expensive luxury goods. Selling such products through a conventional online store template is just poor experience design.

Using the same logic, the manufacturer would have packaged the item in a standard cardboard box with standard commercial shrink-wrap. But you know they wouldn’t have. Watch an unboxing video.

One-size-does not fit all all the time. Luxury brands, by definition, cannot fall into the templatised, most-common-denominator category.

See the actual page here: Selfridges Australia.