It must be really difficult to stand out in the clothing business these days. Or the marketing department/advertising company have given up trying in this case.

“Woman Man Kids” as a tagline? Seriously?

They are not even trying. Or are they actually selling women, men, and kids?

What does this say about the brand? Other than zero differentiation, nil positioning, and probably bucketloads of “whatever.”

The words are not even consistent: “woman” and “man” are singular. “Kids” is plural. Just using “kid” would have sounded odd. “Child” would be more consistent; but “man child” does not read well at all!

Perhaps “woman man girl boy” instead? There is certainly enough room on the hoarding for an extra word. Which then comes back to highlighting he absurdity of the tagline.

Interestingly, their website menu does list “woman man girl boy” (plus “plus size” and “edits” - whatever that last one is.) Except of course they mixed up the plurals and singulars again. It really should be either “woman man girl boy” or “women men girls boys.”

But seriously: How is this brand different from all the other clothing brands out there? How much are they paying for their market/communications strategy?

The photos on the website are beautiful though. So at least their photographers seem to care.