Photo of the book cover.

This post has been sparked by this book: Rules for Mavericks: A Manifesto for Dissident Creatives, by Phil Beadle.

A visionary is useless if there is no one to implement the vision.
A salesperson is useless if there is no one to create stuff to sell.

The following could be ideal cases:

A worker who dreams; a creator. The ability to imagine what could be better. Less willing to accept things as “we’ve always done thing this way.” More willing to stand up and make things better.

A maker who sells; an entrepreneur*. The in-depth knowledge of product creation, so as to sell with authenticity. Genuinely value the entire make and sell cycle.

* The word entrepreneur seems to fit well here, even as I acknowledge that this word is often used to mean salesperson; someone who sells and makes money off products created by others.