In a previous post, I wrote about factoring in time when considering work life balance; that balance can really only be achieved over time, when we can look back and average out the peaks and troughs.

Filling in a survey last week triggered further clarity. An edited version follows. ( is cool; I’m currently a member.)


Is there such a thing as work-life balance? Please explain.

Balance implies an evenly flat line clearly separating work on one side balanced with life on the other.

But a flatline is not a good thing! It means you have no excitement, no passion, and yes no disappointment and no sadness.

I see work life as a series of peaks and troughs. Sometimes we work hard and have less time for living. Other times we live hard and work takes a back burner. We are free to live in the excess of the moment. Because that is life!

What do you think?

Coincidentally I recently read this article extolling the virtue of excess,