I had this thought after watching The Maze Runner.

We are all runners of our own mazes. We live in our private mazes, within our own heads.

Sometime we are content to stay there because we think we have everything worked out. We settle.

Sometimes we will fight to stay. And will even try and force others to stay. So nothing changes.

Sometimes we seek to venture out to explore beyond. To climb up and see the larger picture.

Sometimes we will just venture forth. In spite of the uncertainty. And leave the known behind. We may even cajole others to come along. But their decision won't sway us either way.

Sometimes we do short spurts of exploration and adventure, to then retreat back to what we know at the end of the day.

Sometimes, we move so far and so quickly out of our comfort zone that we suddenly realised we no longer want to go back. Or that we can no longer go back. Journeys once travelled cannot be untravelled.

And that's ok. That is growth.