What if the problem you are facing now is actually a blessing? List all the positives you can possibly imagine. However fantastic.

Reframing a problem changes our perspective, and in doing so often reveal previously unconsidered and unexplored possibilities and insights.

The classic video example of reframing is Ray and Charles Eames' Powers of Ten:

Fast Company has this great article on How Reframing A Problem Unlocks Innovation.

Reframing is also a powerful skill in counselling. When we are in a distressing situation, we can become stuck into a particular frame of thinking and perceiving a situation. When a counsellor suggests a reframe of the situation (at an appropriate time in the engagement) it can result in a dramatic "ah ha!" lightbulb moment for the client. When they suddenly shift their frame to a new perspective and see their situation in ... well ... a different light. It is a very satisfying thing to be able to do for someone.