How much of what we have to do is indeed what we have to do?

How often do we do something without really understanding why or being clear about what we want out of that activity.

There is a concept in agile software development called the “minimum viable product (MVP).” To maximise the return on effort (investment), we deliver just enough features to make the product useful, and no more.

It would be interesting to apply this to our daily lives.

What if we were to do just what is needed at each moment? Like a surgeon cutting out just enough diseased tissue.

Could this free us to focus on being present more often? And to keep us moving forward achieving the next thing, and the next thing after that. To keep us following the critical path on the project called life!

This could be called: Minimum Necessary Outcome  or MNO.

Could this help us avoid being distracted by over-extending, over-planning, and over-indulgence in worry, baseless fear, and ego trips?

Image: Flower via Shutterstock.