Some people just need to win. They are defensive, touchy, fearful, controlling. They need to justify everything in their favour; to make everyone else wrong. And to make sure that everyone knows they are right.

You know what? Most of the time, it is ok to just let them win!

Let them have the last word. Give in to their often petty requests. Other than the temporary aggravation and momentary annoyance from suffering a fool, letting them win seldom has any impact on us or the bigger picture outcomes we are pursuing. Because what they care about is satisfying their ego. And once that is satisfied, they will generally get out of the way of more meaningful progress.

When (thankfully only occasionally) faced with such personalities, I try to practice saying "You are so right" and "Of course we can do that if it means so much to you" with genuine grace. Smile. Then walk away to spend my real attention on more deserving people and causes. It is always curiously satisfying.

Ultimately, their petty ego needs always matter less than the greater outcome we are working towards. (And if we don't have an greater outcome beyond their ego needs, we need to find that quick smart!)

Image: Hubris via Shutterstock.