This is Bjercke og Eliassen's idea bank in the National Museum of Architecture in Oslo.

Bjercke og Eliassen are Norwegian architects who build many of Oslo's landmark buildings between 1914 and 1960.

Their idea bank contains 1600 postcard, prints and photographs from Norway, Scandinavia and Europe.

I can imagine how wondrous and precious this design resource would have been in the day! Before the advent of the Internet.

The problem before us today is the overwhelming and infinite volume of inspiration we can pull up on a whim. At our desks, on the bus, and while waiting for a burger.

We need to filter, winnow, focus and reduce this overwhelmingly volume just to make use of the inspiration. Curation, the conscious, considered and informed reduction of choices, had to be an in-demand skill / service right now. and this applies equally to models,  methodologies and tools.