Sometimes designers shoot ourselves in the foot when it comes to communicating.

We become so focused and caught up in the work we forget to tell the end user critical information such as the all-important where and when of an event.

This site -- 100serie.no -- had a nice succinct "about" statement, a fresh and light minimalist design that appropriately cedes emphasis to the work.

The work looks really interesting too.

The About text states that there is an exhibition. This is great - I can go see because at the time of writing this I am in Norway.

But where is it? When is it?

Is there a shop where these things may be purchased? Where do I buy? How do I buy? How much?

These are the basic questions anyone can be reasonably expected to ask when thinking about visiting an exhibition and considering the purchase of items!

(And if this is a past event, it really should say so very obviously.)