I made an interesting discovery while responding to one of the provocations on somewhere.com:


I have been taking mostly text-based notes on the go in the past few years. I would have thought I do a last some visual notes, as I used to when I was using paper notebooks. But no. most of what i record on a daily basis turned out to be text. On the phone.

I am increasingly doing more strategic design work without the execution part, and often on whiteboards with clients. These are followed by (more legible) diagrams in Visio/Illustrator and wireframes in Balsamiq. This work is then handed to executional designers (and others) to complete.

I have significantly reduced my paper use. A single binder now holds multiple years worth of business records, the remaining few paper bits. The bulk is filed digitally on my laptop.

Replacing paper books with ebooks on my phone. About 90% of my book purchases over the past 24 months have been digital purchases. I really like the ease of highlighting text and compiling a summary that way. I can read at the gym and not have to cart around and store heavy books. I had not expected to take to ebooks so much.

Has the nature or practice of your work changed? How so?