McDonalds is running a "we'll answer your questions" campaign in Australia at the moment.

Some of the questions and answers are interesting, from a human interaction/social media perspective.

Here are a couple of expected passive-aggressive questions:


Good on McDonalds for taking these questions head on. It is all too tempting to filter out and just ignore the not-so-positive questions. (I'd love to see the blatantly abusive and non-constructive questions they must get!)

And here is one answer (from quite a few) that seem somewhat "PR inauthentic" to me.


It has clearly been written by a marketing person, with standards to adhere to, and a sense of somewhat canned camaraderie. I would have preferred a more straightforward/matter-of-fact approach. But nonetheless, they did answer the questions. And this is probably targeted at a younger audience that myself!

I think overall they have done well. The spirit of myth-busting in some of the posts is quite fun. What do you think? Check out the site here: