We all make judgements in response to different life situations.

It may be useful us to contemplate the nuances distinction between "rapid judgement" and "considered discernment."

A rapid judgement is final and closes the door to further reflection and change. Killing is bad. Sharing is good. Etc.

Considered discernment is a softer, more malleable decision that, for a moment, stays further discussions or thought.

Judgements are made relatively quickly in our head. It is like flicking a switch to the on or off positron.

Discernment is more like dialling the dimmer up or down. A little bit more thought is given to the decision and the communication of it.

This distinction can be particularly useful in an idea generation/brainstorming session.

We can use discernment to park certain trains of thought when they go too far off course; while still allowing access to the underlying themes.

This is not the same as judging an idea, which can derail the season completely regardless of whether the judgement is positive or negative.