We are not very good at remembering pain.

When experiencing immediate pain, we would do anything, pay any amount, and do anything to be rid of it. This is why threats of physical hard or torture work. When the pain goes away, we immediately begin to forget just how bad it was.

When we charge for work, one option is to ask for a part-payment up front. A reason I have come across for doing so goes like this:

When a client is in pain, they would greatly appreciate and value the immediate relief/assistance visceral. They may be more likely to think a quote reasonable.

If we were to send an invoice a period of time after the pain has been relieved, the client may value the service less. Because they have forgotten the severity of the pain that was, or may well be caught up in a new pain.

An interesting take for sure. But I am unsure about the ethics behind this. What do you think?