The headline: Big Banks Face Revolt If They Raise Rates.

Financial experts warn the big four banks - ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac - may lift their rates this week to protect their profits rather than wait for the RBA's March meeting.

South Yarra mum of two and businesswoman Nicole Michaels last night led a chorus of consumer and industry groups, unions and politicians demanding the banks resist. "If they raise rates we may be forced to sell our house," she said.

The thought that occurred to me was - where are the shareholder voices in all this?

Shareholders are what businesses like the banks are supposedly responsible to. And shareholders are people like us who live in our community. So what do they have to say about all this? How do they feel about the different actions of the entities that makes money for them? Would they be ok actually watching someone lose their home knowing that action is making profit for them?