Do you think of yourself as “big” or “small”?

As with most things, neither extreme is good. The middle ground is goal of any personal development journey.

Big extreme = grandiose, entitled, the world owes you.
Small extreme = inadequate, undeserving, not valued by the world.
You can imagine how these beliefs can modify our actions. We may even think of actual people who exhibit such actions, and the resulting consequences.

Our beliefs affect how we perceive and respond to stimuli coming in from the outside world. Extreme beliefs are delusional - they cause us to lose touch with reality. And in doing so they hamper our effectiveness in business and our personal lives.

Perhaps it is time to make some changes?

Striving for a set of more balanced beliefs requires self-awareness and the willingness (and courage) to challenge and dismantle your existing beliefs.

Using techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - to methodically seek physical and rational evidence so substantiate or debunk a belief - can be very useful.