The Angry Aussie had an interesting post on Unsolicited Advice. The two points that stood out for me were:

Creativity is innate. It is personal and driven from within. “It is extremely rare that any worthwhile act of creation is triggered by someone telling you what to do. … If really pushed, a creative person will share their views but the smart ones will do it in a personal way. ‘This is how I do it…’ ” Creative people never tell others what to do.”

Feedback is often unsolicited and useless. Ignore them. “What astounds me most about those who feel compelled to offer their useless ‘helpful’ advice is their inability to see the evidence of their advice being at best worthless, but more commonly, absolutely wrong. … the people who offer unsolicited critiques tend to not be creators themselves. Or at least they almost never create anything as good as what they’re critiquing.”