Victorian clothing retailer Gasp has "received more than double the number of written complaints to Consumer Affairs Victoria than any other clothing store in the state." The complaints seem to be primarily about customer service, with staff allegedly telling a customer that she is too big and not a "fashion forward consumer." Management defended the staff member involved as a "retail superstar" whose "only problem is that he is too good at what he does."

What strikes me about this story is how authentic Gasp is being. It does seem like they are acting consistently with their values, regardless of what everyone else thinks they should be doing. I may not agree or like how they treat they customers, but I respect their ability to stand firm to who they are and what they believe. And they are clearly no bothered with trying to appeal to everyone. We don't see anywhere enough of such clarity of commitment in business today.

Full article on the Sydney Morning Herald.

And Gasp's "jaw dropping" response to the non-fashion-forward customer's complaint in 2011.