Baking cookies

Is it possible to design work to make it as fun as baking cookies with young children?

Here’s the list of contributing factors I can think of:

  • Clear expectations and shared goal – we are baking cookies!
  • Positive anticipation of the outcomes.
  • Sense of togetherness and camaraderie – we are doing this together.
  • Transparency of shareholder desires and wants – no hidden agendas.
  • The process is clearly directed and managed.
  • Deviations and individual creative input is ok.
  • Failures are ok. No one dies – just try again.
  • The roles are clear – the grown up handles the oven-related tasks.
  • It is ok to just be yourself, as long as you are present.
  • The environment is suffused with tolerance, acceptance and kindness.

Now wouldn’t you want your work to be like that?

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