The value of something is often rendered down to money versus everything else; and personal give-a-damn-ness.

Money is an attractive measure because its value is universally appreciated and accessible. Everyone gets monetary worth. Everyone gets the immediacy of money.

Innovation, excellence, commitment, etc. are only made manifest with people (talent). They have no value in and of themselves. Much of the time, they don’t even exist without people engaged the process of “doing” them.

And yet their impact on our happiness, our businesses, and the goods and services we produce and consume are undeniable. But they are not easy to turn into direct monetary measures.

And so it is often easier for businesses to focus on money above all other measures of value. It is not surprising that the lowest price often wins the business – especially when it comes to tenders. Even when the price is ridiculously, ludicrously, impossibly low!

But surely if this were the case most of the time, most businesses will never function let alone produce innovative cool things/services?

I believe that if it weren't for individuals giving a damn, being creative, demanding excellence as a personal driver, and caring enough to do a great job; often at a financial and personal cost to themselves; the world would have collapsed a long time ago!

The deep question is: does your work or business truly deserve what you put into it?