Whenever most people think of growth in business, they think of more people, bigger premises, more branches, a larger slice of the market, and of course more profits.

If you were a big business, you may have little choice but to think only of these aspects. That is the limiting nature of conventional big business.

If you run your own business, you have other growth options besides merely imitating conventional business “wisdom.”

How could your business grow your life (beyond simply making more money)? How could it grow your creativity?

“Creativity is part of the growth of human beings, just like creativity is part of the growth of nature. And whenever something stops your growth, that’s when you really have to fight. It’s very important that we keep creating things. Why? To show the process of activity, to show that we’re still alive. To create is to express life.” -- Yoko Ono (via La Ludi)