"Great companies are built on a foundation of culture and values. At Deloitte, they are what make us unique, engaging, and successful."

The consulting firm Deloitte attributes its success to its Seven Signals cultural program. And judging from postings the Internet and asking around my friends, they seem laudably committed to instilling these amongst their hires and interns.

  1. Recruit and retain the best.
  2. Talk straight.
  3. Play to win - think globally.
  4. Continuously grow and improve.
  5. Aim to be famous.
  6. Empower and trust.
  7. Have fun and celebrate.

It is worth reading the expanded material under each of the headings above on Deloitte's website.

Now I know how easy it is to become cynical about the visionary stuff that comes out of big corporations. To be jaded by the "all talk, no action" attitude fostered by all too many impossibly perfect PR-spins. But this one comment on an online forum made me think Deloitte's for real:

I lasted 1 week at Deloitte. When they tried to shove some "7 signals" rubbish down my throat, I told them where to go. Best move I ever made ;-) -- milieux on Whirlpool Forums