your-future-is-our-priorityI spotted this sign in a Singapore post office. I am guessing it is for a life insurance business. (Making the customer guess is not a good start.)

The tagline “Your future is our priority” is just cynicism bait don’t you think? My immediate response upon reading this was to counter with: “Our profitability is our priority.” This is a business after all!

This is yet another example of thoughtless tagline writing. The result is something utterly safe. So safe it is boring, meaningless and unmemorable. It does not reflect any genuine differentiation, or any vaguely intriguing value proposition. It simple states an obvious claim that any insurance company can make without any effort.

Cynical scoffing aside it does not generate any positive emotive response. It is emotionally stunted. Assuming anyone even pays any attention to it to begin with.

A better approach would be to identify a real value proposition, one that matters to their specific audience (and without trying to blanket appeal to everyone and anyone.)

On further reflection, the name is a tad odd too. Shouldn’t it be “Caring for Life”? “Care for Life” sounds like a question: “Care for Life?” Maybe. Depends. Whose life? Is it a good life?