It is one of the things I give a damn about. But what does it mean?

Democratisation means I want to see more non-traditionally business-minded or business-trained people in business. Business for the people and by the people if your will. Especially the artists, the inventors, the mothers, craftspersons; the current fringe dwellers around the inaccessible citadel of business. It means encouraging practices that actively seek to associate concepts like respectful, kind, generous with business.

Why? Because it will save business from the current tyranny of “Six Sigma sameness” (Marty Neumeier). It will reinvigorate rear-view-mirror driving businesses with actual vision.

It will humanise the practice of business, so creativity can be used to create new, real value, instead of more stuff we don’t need). Maybe this will even save the planet given business’ power to influence just about every facet of our lives.

Is this an out-there vision? Absolutely.