A friend recently asked me: “you can help others see patterns in situations, and find clear ways through difficulties. So how come you can’t do it for yourself?” (I am going through a what-do-I-want-to-do-with-my-life phase...)

Many designers find it hard to design for themselves. The removal of many of the constraints associated with clients, plus working with personal, emotionally-charged requirements, can be debilitating for a designer.

The same situation exists for therapists. One cannot really provide therapy for oneself. There are things we can only do effectively for other people precisely because they are other people.

Similarly, I think it can be incredibly difficult for web design companies to design their own websites, for graphic designers to design their own business cards and so on.

The recognition of this limitation is important. It enables us to seek external agencies for help. Are you struggling to fix yourself or something in your business? You may need someone else to give you a hand!