Dear readers,

I am about to kick off my sabbatical this Sunday by flying to the Middle East for several weeks of sightseeing.

My plan is to post my thoughts each day and some images; assuming I am not too knackered given the daily 7:45am starts. I will also share my thoughts and the rationale behind my sabbatical as I go along. Perhaps the bulk of the "foreword" will be done on Sunday. Hopefully.

It has taken many months of thinking and planning to get to this point where I can start to move more away from my immediate client- and outcome-focused work, and more into a quieter framework of reflection, visioneering, and creativity centred around my life and my life's work.

As the plane takes off from Singapore this Sunday, I will turn 40. After two years of very VERY hard (and indisputably rewarding) work in Singapore, the time has come to step out of the rat race to review and reimagine. I am trigging an Innovation Interrupt for my own life!

I will share key realisations and discoveries here over the next few months. As such, the nature of this blog will change slightly - to one that is more personal growth focused. And hopefully not too self indulgent.

Thanks for continuing to read and comment on my writing. We shall see what the next few months will bring.

Best regards,

Singapore, November 2010