I don’t know how I got onto the PPM Group’s mailing list. I have never worked in the industry, nor have any desire to, nor interest therein.

I clicked the unsubscribe link and got this page:


How incredibly facile and rude is this piece of design/communications!!! How typical of a self-centred, self-important and self-indulging organisation.

Let’s examine the evidence before us:

I would like to leave the mailing list (one that I never asked to be on in the first place). I just want out please. Now. So what do I have to do? Fill in a bloody form of course!

Look at all the fields I HAVE to fill in. I can see management agonising over how many more fields they could have should have included. You just know I am dying to tell you how many kids/spouses/pets/surviving uncles I have, don’t you…

I note how the mandatory ones are asking for information THEY could use. And yet the only one field that lets me express myself is optional. The “We are here to listen” line is clearly an exercise in irony.

It is also telling that they even took this opportunity to cram more info down my throat in the form of the News Flash. “We are here to listen” – but wait, let us first tell YOU what we want to tell you.

I am here to UNSUBSCRIBE. That means I am not interested, I don’t want to know. I never did to start with. You are supposed to be LISTENING. Oh wait, that was deliberate irony wasn't it? Or could it be *gasp* empty marketing spin?


This is a suggested quick-fix: