I just got pissed off with Facebook trying to make me do something I don’t want to do.

I log on and get this message.


“We have improved the Profile … so it links to Pages instead.” Yeah yeah so what, let me get to what I am here to do.

“Remember, your Pages are Public” Ok fine thanks for the warning I don’t have any public settings so it is irrelevant right now.

Oh wait, where is the bloody “Cancel” button? I guess I'll take a chance on “Choose Individually”. Yet another example of the crappy Facebook UI that makes things that little bit harder and that ittle bit more obscure.


Ok I will untick both then, as I want neither. After all, I don’t particularly want to make these public, or think about the implications right now. Not public is better as a default until I have time to consider things further right?

Oh yes, thanks again for that considerate "you will be making these connections public" warning. Not applicable. I am not making anything public. Facebook must care about my privacy!

I click “Save Changes”.


Oh, so now Facebook gets threatening. I am not trying to remove anything, YOU (Facebook) are!

Facebook says "You WILL make this info public, or we will delete it." The true face is revealed. So what’s the bloody point in warning me that linking to Pages makes my info public, WHEN I DON’T HAVE A CHOICE!!! #^@&$%@!!!! Bad user experience design? Or we-don't-give-a-poop arrogance?

F*ck you Facebook – I click “Remove”.

And lo and behold, these fields in my profile are now empty.


Yes, I know Facebook is a proprietary platform, one that I use for FREE. I have no rights to make any demands of it. They have no obligations to me or my welfare.

Right, so be it. I am pissed off with Facebook now. Strike ONE!