I spotted this in a recent issue of O Magazine: “The reason I had wavered was fear: I was afraid I wouldn't be able to duplicate what I've done. But as I thought about Michael Jackson, I began to see that not only can you not duplicate success, you're not supposed to. Every new endeavor is created out of the quality of the energy you bring to it and is meant to be its own thing.” Oprah Winfrey in Launching OWN with Oprah, O, The Oprah Magazine, December 16, 2010.

Echoes of some of my thoughts from the universe … I have to make the best of the next endeavour. And that’s it. It doesn’t matter whether the next endeavour is more or less “successful” than my previous businesses and projects!!! Wow. That was a ding moment. It doesn’t matter if the next book is more or less “successful” than my first book. The next endeavour and book just need to have as much energy and good intention as I can put into them.

Not comparing future projects with past projects. Be in the moment. And give as much as I can then and there. And that’s it!

“What I know for sure: Fear comes from uncertainty. Once you clarify your purpose for doing something, the way to do it becomes clear. Let this be the year you release your fears about what you can achieve. Know for sure what you want and be willing to give yourself what you need to get it. Cheers to new beginnings!” -- Oprah Winfrey.

Happy new year everyone.